Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bake sale Friday!

I'm making these from this blog
Some of our second years decided to address the fact that our program is tiny enough that we don't have any Pathologists' Assistant gear in the student bookstores (and none of the gear for the Physicians Assistant program just uses the abbreviation, which I feel like would have been a decent compromise, no?). They petitioned the council that handles the graduate students for some funds to offset the cost of having t-shirts made and to allow us to raise awareness of our program. I've said more than once that pathologists' assistants do not have much PR, after all!

So we are setting up tables both at the hospital and on campus to sell baked goods and chat with people about the existence of our profession/program. Hopefully someone will actually want to buy something from the bake sale, otherwise it will be a long afternoon! And any funds raised will go towards decreasing the cost of the shirts/hoodies we are having made.

Since our second years are going to be on their rotations (except maybe for the autopsy folks if there aren't any autopsies in the afternoon) the first years will be doing most of the hanging out selling baked goods part of this. It is only fair though since the second years were the ones to get this all together, price quotes, clean up designs, etc.

And...also... now. It looks like three of us are showing interesting in the AAPA conference. It isn't even that I particularly want to go, it is that I am aware that it would probably be a very, very good opportunity and that becoming involved in our relatively small professional community would be a good idea. Plus, my husband thinks it is important and since he'd be the one paying the bill, and I do value his advice and opinions, I should probably go. If everyone that is currently indicating interest goes, then what we will probably end up doing as a group would be for two people to accept the scholarship and for everyone to pay for a third of the third person's expenses to keep everything fair and equitable. We will meet up tomorrow to finalize details and then talk to our program director about it.

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  1. "We will meet up tomorrow to finalize details and then talk to our program director about it."

    God bless with that, eh. Just stumble on your blog today. :) Hope you're doing fine.

    Take care,
    Peny@Registered Nurses’ Alternative Work Settings