Friday, April 6, 2012

Rambly bits

It is Easter weekend and for a moment, just a short one, I miss South Carolina. Or at least some of the people we knew there and the things we could do.

The church where the children went for daycare has a huge Easter festival every year with lots of kids, bounce houses, a massive egg hunt, the Easter bunny visiting, and an indoor activity area with the associated stories of the resurrection, etc.

But, now that the moment has passed, I'm still incredibly happy to be here in Durham. I'm working on meeting non-classmate people in the area (not that I don't love my classmates because they are insanely awesome as always) because there seems to be a high concentration of interesting folks here and I like meeting strangers.

Summer is almost here and it is almost time to be pantsless! Or rather, skirted :) At least for a few more months, once we start on clinical rotations it is time to be in scrubs!

Everyone is so happy on a clinical rotations day because we know exactly what we're wearing. Wake up, put on scrubs, go to the hospital. Scrubs are fantastic, they're like walking around all day in your pajamas, medical pajamas that are socially acceptable to wear in public. It is much less work first thing in the morning than coming up with an actual outfit.

There is an article that says they are continuing the TBL format and it can be read here:

I'm not sure what metric is being used to determine that it is a success since the medical students in this year won't be taking their boards for a while. The administrative quotes are from Singapore, not the US, and there weren't any student or faculty interviewed as far as I can tell so take the article with a grain of salt. Oh, and the format described is true for Singapore perhaps, but we do not use clickers to answer questions or have an opening quiz. Also, if I remember correctly they only have TBL days twice a week.

We have had a pharmacology heavy week but next week looks to be a lot of pathology so there is that to look forward to. :-D


  1. Ah yes...SCRUBS! I have a love-hate relationship with that particular form of medical attire. On the one hand, I like them because all you do is put them on like PJs and tie the pant-strings. However, I tend to feel slightly TOO naked with them on.

    Speaking of naked, I'm not sure if you're supposed to have a shirt or underwear on while wearing scrubs, but I always used to be completely naked underneath and all! It felt wonderful (and it was a huge hit among the medical residents because they used to comment on my package a lot), BUT I think I'd much rather wear Dockers pants and a short-sleeve dress shirt with my embroidered P.A. lab coat and an apron over that. It makes me feel more professional and less naked.

    I hope that wearing scrubs will be optional during my 2nd year, but if it's mandatory to wear them, then I will. I actually have my own personal set of scrubs that I took after I "left" one of my former P.A. jobs. (Well, I technically "stole" them, but whatever lol). I mean, it's not that terrible if I'm forced to wear them. Hell, I get to display my package again! :-)

    1. Wow, I think we may have hit TMI territory lol

      Most people I know will wear a t-shirt and underwear under their scrubs... but I have worked with another grossing tech who wore polo shirts and khakis instead of scrubs. I guess it depends on where you work what they allow. :)