Monday, April 30, 2012

Test 6 done

Body and Disease has 10 tests total and today we had our 6th one, which means we are in the home stretch. Test 7 promises to be mostly pathology so I'm already looking forward to it! Having life divided up into these two week testing period chunks makes time seem to go by much faster than it normally does. I was really surprised when I looked over at one of my classmate's countdown calender to see that we only had 8 weeks left of this unit... Sometimes it seems like we just started (of course it also feels like forever since I left my job last summer...).

In two weeks we will celebrate the current second year's receiving their diplomas... they will still be with us through July to finish off their clinical year though, so the diplomas matter and they do not matter. I think the program length/eligibility requirements to sit the exam are determined by NAACLS while the masters is awarded by Duke. The masters will be nice and it will make my mom happy and all, but the eligibility is the main goal here. Being a certified PA beats having a Masters of Health Science hands down (although it will be nice to have both! I'm not scoffing at having a masters!!).

But all of that is in my future and I'm getting way ahead of myself... first, four more tests in Body and Disease... eight more weeks. One week of summer break, and then a year of clinical rotations. One step at a time.

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