Monday, April 23, 2012


The bake sale went well! There were some pretty impressive offerings (the cake pops looked very yummy!), some folks just donated money, and others came down and got treats for their whole staff. It is nice to be supported by the community! (Yes, yes, I know... no one is surprised that I'm saying Duke is awesome yet again, but I do love it!).

Classes have continued to evolve, but overall the structure relies heavily on student guided learning. But at least immunology is over and we're focusing much more on pathology (and pharmacology but that is more of a med student concern).

We have had sessions with patients coming in to discuss their experiences and those are always interesting. I like the idea that the future doctors in our class get this exposure to the human aspect of medicine. We had one patient who had a doctor elsewhere tell her that her medical condition was all in her head, and it was good for the med students to hear how something like that impacts a patient.


  1. QUESTION: What do you see as far as non-traditional students or someone making a career change, in your program? Is there many? Do you think it is harder for them to get in?

    1. Only a quarter of my class would be considered traditional students and I know the incoming class has its fair share of non-traditional students as well. I think a lot of students discover the profession by working in medical settings, so there tend to be a lot of non-traditional ones in all programs.