Thursday, May 10, 2012

My poor neglected blog!

I realize I've been pretty quiet lately (or actually made the blog with pictures I mentioned earlier...) but I go through phases with social media and even though our course load is fairly light for this next test (Monday!) I just haven't been in the mood to blog or be on facebook (not to mention my incredibly neglected Twitter account!). The kids' soccer season is also in full swing and taking up several nights a week, which is actually a nice break from thinking about academic things :)

Classes are fine, but this far into the unit and with the summer weather around everyone seems ready for the unit to be over! It was really hard last week when other people (undergrads and other graduate students) had their final exams and started summer break! I might have been a little jealous! But you can't really compare a PA program to a traditional masters in some other discipline.

Our lab TAs switched out at the beginning of the week and it was sad to lose our old one. She is going to be chief resident next year and did a really good job with teaching. Our new TA also seems comfortable with teaching, but our old one is just such a tough act to follow! She was great! Ah well, they have their own rotations to deal with and it means we get exposed to a wider variety of the residents we will be working with next year. And by next year I mean two months from now!!!!!

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