Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Test 8 finished!

I'm glad test 8 is done. I know a lot of people are waiting to take it on Friday but I just feel so much more relaxed with it out of the way. I can enjoy my week!

Except today our lectures were on pathology of the female reproductive system and breasts, which is much easier for me to get paranoid about having than prostate cancer! But as many EMBXs, POCs, and breast biopsies as you get in surgical pathology, it is good to have the background on what they are looking for!

We have exam 9, an oral pathology exam, a pathology small group final and then a cumulative course final coming up in June. It will be rough but soooooo incredibly worth it when we're done! I ran into the autopsy guys on my way out yesterday and it was good to know that in five weeks I'll be on my rotation with them! Yay clinical year!!! It is so close :D

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