Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plans for the long weekend!

We have a test on Tuesday, but if students are traveling out of town they've actually given us the option to take it on Friday afternoon. I will be taking it on Tuesday though because my weekend plans consist of studying and reviewing organ specimens for the oral pathology exam.

They've set up sample specimens demonstrating various pathologies with associated questions in one of the rooms that we can quiz ourselves. I want to go ahead and look at those to gauge where I stand on identifying diseased organs.

Also, I have to try to find a gym. My husband offered to get me a trainer, and having just looked at pictures of myself from last year, I really need one. A lot. And I started taking Metformin again, which I hate, but is necessary.


  1. Sounds like a miserable long weekend! But it's all for a good cause, of course. Hope you get some time off amidst the studying.

    1. It's not so bad! It is a pathology heavy exam anyway, so at least it is stuff I do enjoy studying :D And we've already planned a family outing and I have three and a half days to study so I am not nearly as stressed out as I could be!

      Thanks though :)