Monday, May 28, 2012

Test 8 tomorrow!

I took a study break and had dinner out with the kids. Amazing burgers and fries one place and frozen yogurt two doors down. It rained during dinner. As in the bottom fell out of the sky and the asphalt warmed by days of southern heat steamed in the aftermath. My children were well behaved and said appropriate thank yous and everything. It was a good hour and a half.

Then back home... to study, back to my laptop that has been my near constant companion for the weekend.

I saw my best friend's girlfriend (as well as my best friend) for a little while last week since they were in town for a show, and she is in medical school doing the normal two year curriculum. We shared frustration about studying and being tethered to our laptops. Some times I dearly hate my laptop, I would like to close it and leave it alone for a few days... but I can't. Not right now. Maybe in a month (which is an exciting and terrifying thought! I must survive June first... I try not to get too ahead of myself).

I am mentally saturated today. And I may have halfway diagnosed myself with a handful of different random parasitic infections and leukemias.Thank goodness I don't have a prostate or I'd be worried to death about it! Studying diseases makes you paranoid!

I'll have four solid hours in the morning between the time I drop the kids off for school and the time the test starts to go over the IRA questions and Robbins review. It is good to have that type of question fresh in my mind right before tests.

Then... I'll have a fairly social rest of the week (at the moment I have plans with my Durham friends every night except, by the weekend they might be tired of being around me lol) and a weekend with not too too much new material to study. I expect by this time next week I should be much more relaxed!

PS: After the test I have to take my laptop to the IT guys again...because it has spyware again (I swear I am not going to sketchy websites!). I've lost count of how many times they've had my laptop. 6 maybe?

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