Sunday, May 20, 2012

What? May is 2/3rds over?!

I had surg path last Wednesday at Duke North and we were discussing with our course director how time seems to be flying by. I can't believe how close we are to being done with the didactic year! We had our 7th Body and Disease test last Monday (I think it went really well!) and I can't believe how close it is to being June...

June intimidates me, really. There will be a lot of tests including an oral exam. I think my anxiety is well controlled, but I also haven't had to deal with a situation like we had in December where it was final exam after final exam and we just had a gauntlet of tests to go through one after the other. We will see what happens! My pathology small group instructor has provided very positive feedback about what I've said in lab, but honestly, I feel like I'm just pointing out the obvious.

May has almost been a relaxing month. I have been hanging out with my Pocket Robbins (made even more portable by my having purchased the Kindle edition so I have it on my phone, my kindle, and my laptop) in the evenings. I am going to try to ramp that up this week so I can spend more of June with Robbins Review. It can be a slog, but... necessary!

(Cross posted from FB) This has taken over my living room!
In personal news, life is good! The kids' soccer teams are doing really well and getting them to practice, while it eats two nights a week, hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  I tried to convince my husband to go ahead and move to NC and we would just carry the mortgage for the unrented house in Columbia. We did have a good conversation about it, but even I know what a horrible financial decision that is. Still... as much as I love being at Duke and I love living in Durham* and the kids are so much happier here, it is hard to apart from him.

*Seriously... I love Durham. It isn't a huge town but there's always something interesting going on and dozens of restaurants that are still on my to-try list. And there is another food truck rodeo coming up in June, that I will NOT miss this time, even thought it is on a pre-test weekend!

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