Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last rotation as a first year!

Today was my last time at Duke North grossing as a first year. It went really well, especially since when we arrived there were a lot of specimens to work our way through! I thought we'd run later than our 4 pm end time but ended up getting through everything about fifteen minutes early. Go us!

The next time I'm doing anything remotely clinical, it will be as a second year student. So, so very amazing!! I will miss seeing all of our med students every day though, I was talking to one of them today about how strange it will be! Ah well, there is always facebook and we'll keep in touch with the ones we're closest to!

In other news I was having dinner at my friend's house last night and was talking to a house guest of theirs. It was the best conversation I've had with a random stranger possibly ever! Her mom is a medical laboratory manager and her dad is heavily involved with the AACC and was a higher up in LabCorp and is a toxicologist. She knew all about clinical pathology, it was so nice! I love this profession so it is really cool to find a random person out in the world who also thinks it is great. :)

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