Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In which I seem to know things!

It is biphasic! He stressed it in the lecture.
We had a mammography roadshow today in path lab led by the pathologist that is the course director for our program. We had a lecture on breast pathology from him last week but the associated TBL session was just a Q&A so it was good to have the roadshow to reinforce the material. It started with our traditional roadshow cheer (the class does the wave while going Roooooooooooooooadshow! and claps twice) which ensures everyone is awake.

There was a fellow from radiology that gave a basic overview of mammography and we had some cases with the doctors asking questions/leading discussion. No one really seemed inclined to answer questions so I ventured a few comments and it is... I don't know? Gratifying to be right and feel confident when answering. And if you're going to look competent in front of someone, it is nice to do it in front of someone who you want to have a good opinion of you!

Also, I got to handle the tools they use to do breast core biopsies which was neat. They are giant 9 gauge needle guns and are very intimidating! The GI biopsy equipment looks a lot friendlier after seeing the breast biopsy stuff.

It was a good morning and we have a free day tomorrow that I'm going to use to start studying for test 9--anything to make the weekend calmer! The kids are heading to my parents' house for the rest of the month starting Friday as well so that will give me quite a bit more downtime (and quiet!) for the rest of the studying I need to do. I will say that having Robbin's pocket guide on the kindle makes trips to the pool at my apartment complex more productive than they would be otherwise.

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  1. VERY interesting post!! Breast pathology is one of the areas I'd seriously considered professionally in Pathology. Theses days though, I'm thinking more along the lines of breast oncologist.