Monday, June 25, 2012

On not saying goodbye...

It belatedly dawned on me that our last interaction with the full class of med students was last Wednesday (and I was only there briefly). Their final exam is Friday so events are planned, but since my class elected to have our exam on Wednesday most of us will be scattered across North America by that point.

I studied this morning until around 10:30 with a handful of medical students. It wasn't until one was leaving to take her test that I realized I wouldn't be seeing her much anymore and I like seeing her! Facebook makes it easier to keep in some kind of touch with people and I'm sure there will be chances to get together socially, but it won't be the five days a week, seeing each other in class and hallways set up we have now. I will definitely miss them, their class was more welcoming and inclusive than I had any reason to believe they would be. And Duke School of Medicine's class of 2015 will always hold a spot in my heart (except for the folks who always streamed lectures, because it is startling how even after a year in class together I can still see some of them and think, who is that guy?! ;D ).

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