Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June!!!

June is going to be a crazy month, but right now, at this moment, before the gauntlet of testing begins I am so excited that it is finally here! If it felt like the homestretch after test 6, after test 8 it feels like the end is close enough to touch!

And it is more that we are all excited for the clinical year to begin than anything else. Not that I will miss the didactic year at all. The test anxiety has gotten a lot better in this unit (soooo much better) but I am still happier in the gross room than I have ever been in a classroom.

I have to admit that I took Wednesday night and Thursday nights off from studying so I'm not being particularly useful in today's TBL. I'm going to have to go over the endocrine lectures this weekend to play catch up, but I don't have anything exciting planned for tomorrow day so it shouldn't be a problem!

Sooooo close to the end of first year! I'm getting really antsy to get through with it so this next month will be a lot of me obsessing over that, sorry :D

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