Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nooooo, they be stealing my bucket!

Slightly relevant, slightly amusing bucket picture
On Tuesday we had a group in our small group pathology lab present their autopsy case along with the previously blogged about roadshow. Because of that we didn't have enough time to really go over our assigned bucket of organs displaying pathological processes. We were hoping to be able to get the same bucket back after whoever was assigned to have it today was done with it, but when we showed up in lab today we found out we had a bucket we'd already seen.

Stealthy picture taken of bucket
The other PA in our class texted around and found the lab that had the bucket, but luckily they'd already seen it* and happened to have an autopsy presentation today. Unfortunately they'd already seen the organs in our bucket as well. But on consideration, I realized that by switching buckets with them they were no better or worse off than they were before whereas we would be much better off. So... since our lab instructor wasn't there yet (I get places very early sometimes) I decided to take the initiative and switch our buckets.

It might have confused the folks in the other lab just a bit but after a hasty explanation they seemed okay with it... I did feel a little strange stealing someone else's bucket but it did make our lab session a lot more effective today!

*I think there is built-in redundancy because of the autopsy presentations.

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