Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two down, two to go

This book has taken over my life
The pathology small group final was not what I expected from either the practice test or what the second years said about last year's test. I was expecting histology questions where they would be in groups of three or so related questions, which is more what they had in the past. But our questions weren't organized like that, we just had stand alone questions which made it harder since we had to keep mentally shifting between different organs, tissues and diseases. A classmate described the test as "demoralizing" but I think at this point we're so close to the end we just have to keep pushing through to the next test.

I'm not a huge fan of the fact that our next two tests start at 9 am again. One of the things I've really liked about body and disease has been that our tests have been at noon and we have the morning before the exam to review what we need to.  Tomorrow's test not so much. I don't think I'm going to forget everything tonight while I'm sleeping, but there's always that chance! So I'm going to review the major things tonight right before bed, go to bed early and try to be in the study room by 7:30. The test is open from 9 to 1 pm so I don't have to start right at 9, which helps. 

On Wednesday, with our cumulative final, we don't have that flexibility. It should still be okay, I think. Not having the kids helps a lot as well since I will have all day Tuesday to review and it will be quiet. I've been trying to, in any downtime the past two weeks, go over more Robbin's review questions. I have no idea how much of it I am retaining... I hope a lot!

Just a few more days. First year is so, so close to being over.

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