Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pathology Oral Exam is tomorrow

I'm visualizing this final stretch of exams like a row of dominoes and right now the first one is about a day away from being tipped over. Then it will be a boom-boom-boom sort of thing until the end.

I still have to figure out where the exam is going to be tomorrow since the idea of being late is mortifying and probably wouldn't impress our examiner very much. I'm going second, which I'm very, very happy about. We have class until 12 and the first exam is at 12 so being first means skipping out of class with enough time to get there. Even still I'll probably duck out of class early so I can have a decent time buffer in case I get lost.

One our classmates emailed out the flashcards she made, which are OMG amazing! I have been writing out note cards but hers have color pictures and more comprehensive information. They're really good.

Everyone else in my family is getting excited about the trip we're taking during the week between the first year and the second year. I feel pretty bad because I really don't care right now. If it isn't helpful for passing the tests, then I haven't really been sparing the mental space for it. I haven't researched things to do in Nags Head, I haven't started packing, I don't have a bathing suit, I can't get involved in planning the menus, etc. We have people coming to visit internationally and it is sort of a big deal, but... tests take priority. I will be very excited about it after next Wednesday.

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