Thursday, August 11, 2011

Being Social (I will blog about classes this weekend)

I had most of my classmates over for dinner tonight (one girl is training for the Wisconsin Ironman in a month) and it was really fun. I fed them Filipino food and cheese, they brought wine and beer. We talked about classes a little bit, movies, moving, and-of course-the medical students.

I suppose it will be different after we start having labs and start to mingle with the med students more, but for right now we're mostly sitting in class as a block of PA students in class. Everyone is friendly but it sets up an us vs them sort of mentality. Mostly it is the gunners! The folks who ask questions in class not to clarify a point of information but rather to show off their intellectual curiosity or how much they already know. It is hard not to make fun of someone doing that! Generally, you can figure if someone makes it into Duke medical school they had a 4.0 and an MCAT in the mid-30s. Showing off once you've gotten to this point just makes you look insecure.

It was good to get together outside of classes though, especially since right now the other students are the only people I really know in the area! Having classmates I like makes moving to a new place a lot easier :) And they make extremely gracious dinner guests. People pitched in to get all the food laid out and offered to help clean up. Everyone was really willing to try new foods too, which made it more fun. Even the guy who didn't like cheese tried a lot of the cheeses we had.


  1. When you said you were having class alongside med students in the last post, the Us vs. Them mentality immediately came to mind. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out. Looking forward to reading about how classes are.

  2. AM4012, Luckily lots of the MS1s have reached out to us and introduced themselves. I know our second years are still friends with their med students, so it seems like everyone has a history of getting along :) It is just easy to mock the gunners but I'm pretty sure the other MS1s are doing that too ;-)

    Solitary Diner, I don't know! But I totally give him credit for trying several different types (port salut was well received).