Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Studying and My Kids

My youngest child started kindergarten today and asked me if I was going to be at his school since I'm in school now too, which was cute :) I then explained to him about how older kids (or--in my case--grown ups) go to different schools.

Me and the kids on a Merry-go-round
I hope with them both being in school now we will have more of a schedule and they will need less *direct interaction at night. The past two weeks I've been trying to make up for them being stuck at home during the day with my dad (who has been taking them for daily playground outings, but they're used to being at daycare all day and having more variety) by taking them out at night or going to the pool, etc.

I am really going to have to start staying and studying in the PA student room. Tomorrow will be a good day to do that, since we're finishing at noon. Studying at home while the kids are awake is really difficult since even though I have a separate study room that they're not allowed in they still manage to interrupt every five to ten minutes. This past weekend was a struggle since they were tired of being in the apartment and the rainy weather from the hurricane meant having to find something to do indoors.

We have a test next Tuesday and have a long weekend coming up (and labor day is my birthday!). My dad is heading out of town to visit my mom and my husband is coming up to spend a day or two with us. Sadly I'm probably going to foist the kids off on him and hole up in my study room and then after he goes back home I'll probably give the oldest child unlimited computer time and rent some Wii games. Not my finest moment as a mother, but it is my best chance at having uninterrupted study time.

I would like to get the bulk of my studying done Friday, Saturday and Sunday day so I can take off Sunday night/Monday morning with Monday evening reserved for reviewing my notes/flashcards. It seems like a reasonable schedule, especially since Friday's classes only go until noon.

*It isn't so much the outings take up a lot of time, but going out for an hour or two pushes back dinner preparations and since we do homemade meals every night and sit and eat together as a family starting later than 5:30 means dinner wraps up right around the time bedtime routines start.

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