Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day One Done

After four months of counting down we finally had our first day :-) Yesterday I received a massive binder containing the pathologists assistant program manual and my schedule for the coming weeks and a folder with my lab and team based learning group assignments. These are important things.

And I finally got to meet all of my other classmates! Everyone seems nice and we have a good dynamic so far. Part of the day involved our second years giving us a tour of the parts of the hospital complex that we will be inhabiting and picking out our work areas on the PA student room. The PA student room and the medical amphitheater are the most important places to be able to find so far.

We also received our laptops, sadly even though the med students were issued Macs we were given Lenovo Thinkpads. I was bummed, especially since we pay the same technology fee but I guess I can't complain since it is a laptop. I will be using the external hard drive we were issued a lot though since I had a Thinkpad during my undergraduate years and spent a lot more time in the on campus repair place than would be considered remotely reasonable.

Last night the department hosted a party where our class got together with the current second years, the PAs who will be teaching us, and various faculty. It was a lot of fun and I already adore some of my second years!

Anyway, I have more of the manual to finish reading before class on Monday, so I will finish up for today and report back on Monday after we have our first day of actual class!


  1. That Lenovo ThinkPad looks like the exact same model as the ones we were issued at West Virginia University. Could it be that Lenovo has a monopoly on laptops for PA Programs throughout the country?

  2. Our PA students last year got Dells, so I don't think it is a monopoly. But my undergraduate university also had a deal with Lenovo so I think they have a lot of accounts with academic institutions.

  3. I had a question. Are you required to accept the laptop? Hypothetically, if you already own a laptop (such as a mac) would you just be able to use your own laptop and opt out, so that you can be refunded some money?