Monday, August 22, 2011

First Test Done

We won't get our results for a few days because one of the med students has to make it up. I really have to learn to stop second guessing myself. It was torture... Was it A, B, C, D or E (A, B and D but not C)? I swear answers like that are designed to make people doubt they know what they know. There were some things I definitely knew I knew and some I mostly knew and some that I'm sure I knew I knew that I didn't know lol Oh the madness of it all! But I studied quite a bit, and I didn't feel like it was one of those tests where I didn't know anything, which I guess is a good sign. Unfortunately because I did second guess myself I have to deal with wondering if I changed a correct answer to a wrong one... Hopefully not but we will see.

I overheard one of the med students say that she felt like she had studied for the wrong test and none of the questions made sense. Not sure who it was because she was cloistered in a bathroom stall presumably on her cellphone talking to someone who loved her (parent, s/o, sibling, bff, etc), but I felt really bad for her :(

In other news... our class is going out tonight to blow off some steam since after the test we only had a clinical correlation. That means tonight we can all get away without having to study! Also one of the medical students is having a birthday party and we're invited to drop in. Should be fun and we can get to meet more of the med students and desperately try to remember the names of the ones we've met already.

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