Thursday, August 4, 2011

Orientation is tomorrow!

Seriously, Hogwarts...
This week has been spent trying to switch from a 2nd shift sleep schedule to a 1st shift one, all in the hopes that I will be awake and functional and on campus tomorrow at 8:30 for orientation!

Right? The bit on the left is castle-y
I had to go to campus earlier this week for my T spot TB test (negative, so I don't have to get another chest x-ray!) which gave me a chance to find the parking garage we'll be using tomorrow. Getting lost would be bad! I also snapped a few pictures of the back side of the hospital/one of the academic buildings. I thought it was really interesting that you could be walking down a hallway and the building around you morphed from modern hospital to comfortable academia. Also, I don't know if any of the readers of this blog have ever been to Duke but parts of it seriously look like Hogwarts (it has both Gothic and Georgian architecture on campus) which then connects to a very large hospital with a massive construction project going on to include more surgical suites and a new area for the pathology department. Right now they get about 50,000 specimens a year (including some very cool complex ones like hemi-pelvectomies) but after the additional surgical suites are added that number will be well over 70,000 specimens a year.

To the right you can see the addition that will eventually house the new pathology department

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  1. I absolutely love Duke's architecture (and it reminds me of Hogwarts too)! =) I'm applying for this cycle (class of 2015), any advice you want to give?