Monday, August 8, 2011

I want to give my name tag a High-5!

I made it through the first day of lecture (173 slides total). Nothing seemed too bad; although, it probably would have been good to have had human genetics before today... I'm really good with DNA replication because the process is pretty similar in microorganisms, but it is the whole exons/introns thing I didn't get much exposure to. But even with the material not being something that scares me, it is mentally draining to take in that much information in a single day.

I managed to find the PA student room... but it took me having to go up the conference room we used on Friday and then going back down to the second floor rather than just starting on the second floor like a normal person. Once I find a stairwell I feel like I know where I am going. The second years are fabulous and decorated for us! One of them even molded little organs for everyone's cubby. I got lungs (3 lobes on the right one, 2 lobes on the left one) and a very cool name tag.

The first year medical students have been really friendly! There are around a hundred of them and I have to imagine it was strange for eight random people to show up in their class all of a sudden. But several people came by to introduce themselves and we've been invited to join the notes group and get access to the help disc.

Tomorrow we have a clinical correlation lecture where they bring in special guests to discuss specific topics (tomorrow is Sickle Cell Anemia). That means we are required to wear white coats (ha! In addition to taking the med student's classes, we also get to impersonate them) and dress professionally. It is definitely interesting to be learning along side the MS1 and to get the benefit of the education the medical school provides.

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