Monday, November 14, 2011

Absolutely gorgeous!

I forgot to mention this earlier, but the weather here is gorgeous. It is amazingly nice for November, highs in the 70's, sunny, breezy, short sleeve weather.

I like to go outside during lunch to get some sunshine and fresh air. Today I sat down on a bench with my online anatomy flashcards and all of a sudden a small horde of med students descended on the benches all around me. Less quite, more social, and it was nice to sit beneath trees with friendly people, a blanket of soft yellow leaves all around us.

Before too long my classmates came down from our student room bringing their lunches along with them, drawn by the fantastic fall weather. They actually managed to snag a table (the courtyard was packed today, for obvious reasons!) since they have amazing timing, which made eating a lot easier than the whole balancing my laptop and lunch on my knees maneuver I was attempting on the bench. I gave up on studying at that point and stuck my laptop back in my bag. Although, I do love that one of my classmates brought a femur down with her to study while eating lunch. :-)

Tomorrow's high is 77 degrees. Even typing that makes me happy inside. Weather like this just makes me happy :-D

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