Monday, November 14, 2011

The things I choose to do.

I can neglect a lot of the other chores (*cough* laundry *cough*)  but every night I cook a homemade meal from scratch. If I'm staying late on campus to study then I make something my dad can pop in the oven to heat up (pot roast works well for this).  I just feel like eating a real meal as a family around the table is important, even though it takes up an hour or two a night. The kids like to help me cook and I hope it helps them develop good eating habits for life.

Of course on pretest weekends, especially when my husband is in town, I neglect everyone and a lot of scavenging occurs (and leftovers finally get consumed). The kids get to do things like eat hotdogs or get pizza delivery. They would love for me to have more tests, perhaps even daily tests. Tests mean a serious decline in the number of vegetables served and a huge upswing in sodium intake.

But this is why you don't let 5 and 7 year olds make their own menus since they'd end up as hypertensive diabetics with scurvy. I have decided not to feel guilty about these interludes. It is one year of their life where they get to eat more processed food than they would normally, and even that is only a couple weekends a month. I figure if that's the worst that happens to them because I'm in school then we're doing okay. If it ever gets to the point where figuring out what to have for dinner means consulting a stack of take out menus, I'll send them to live with my mom (who has been wanting that to happen since they were born anyway since my mom loves her grandsons like crazy). I don't see that happening though! :-D

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