Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have the most awesome classmates ever!

Dinner was a blast! And I think everything was actually cooked and set out to serve within 20 minutes of when everyone was told to arrive.

One of my classmates showed up an hour early and helped out, which was amazing. It makes it so much easier when there is another set of hands! As other people arrived everyone pitched in and there were more people in my kitchen than I ever thought could fit in there! One of my favorite med students took over the cheese slicing while someone else was arranging it on the platters, one of my classmates is actually getting really good at making pancit, and other people were organizing dishes and setting out dishes. It is a great sense of community. People brought homemade bread and dip and delicious desserts--everything from colorful Vietnamese mixed fruits and jellies to puppy chow (which I've never had before, I love the cultural exchange lol).

Seriously though, if you ever have people over my classmates are the best! They bring stuff, they're great to play games with, are adventurous about foreign foods, and clean up after we're done. Maybe next time I'll finally remember to take pictures, but we're always so busy with the eating and socializing that we're slack about that. Good times though. :-D

Edit: I forgot to add that we had a small fire! It was so weird to look over and see flames. Luckily it was just some stuff that had fallen below the burner that caught on fire so it wasn't any actual food that was ruined. Very exciting. 


  1. Sounds fabulous. I wish we lived in the same city so that I could invite myself to your gatherings. I love good food!

  2. If you're ever in North Carolina I'll make you whatever you'd like for dinner! :)