Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eyes, Brains, Fertilization

I was right, our brain wasn't well fixed. My classmate that's had the most autopsy experience did a really good job of getting it out though. It involved four sets of hands and a bucket to catch the runoff, but it came out in one piece. We put it in fixative for a few days, but when we checked it today it was still mush. I didn't have high hopes, but we figured it couldn't hurt to try to fix it and it did firm up the parts that were less liquified. Oh well, there were a lot of really nicely fixed brains around so we were able to see all the nerves in person and I don't feel like I missed out on much.

Today we did eyes. One was left in place but the skull was dissected above it so we could see the superior muscles and the other one was taken anteriorly, which exposed all of the inferior muscles. The ear was optional but we didn't get to it today. I've done ear enucleation specimens in the gross room before but only from animals, so I do want to be able to see a human one to be able to compare them. I might be able to get to it on Friday, we're scheduled to do the neck but I can be in the skull while other people are working elsewhere.

Colorful, fuzzy brain worms.
One of our classmates took our bone box replica skull and marked the various foramens and canals with labeled pipe cleaners. I have to share a picture of it because it is fantastic.

Meanwhile, I'm up for notesgroup notes tomorrow for a lecture on fertilization. Luckily we are done with classes at noon tomorrow, so I am going to throw something together for the family to eat for dinner tomorrow and plan to stay until 8ish. It will give me a chance to do my notesgroup notes as well as go back over the lectures from Monday and Tuesday. Friday goes until 5, with both a microanatomy and a gross anatomy lab so I know I won't be in the mood to stay late then. I am planning to spend the weekend studying in the library or the PA room though since there are only two weekends left before final exams.

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