Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh, that's bad...

I get home tonight to find my school laptop, which had been placed closed on a desk, open on the floor next to my couch. The couch my 7 year old is sleeping on, the couch on which my 7 year old had an couch wetting accident, which dripped off the couch into my laptop. :-( So I took out the battery, unplugged it, wiped it down and stuck it in some rice to soak up any moisture (we're going to call it moisture and not think about what specific kind of moisture it is!) for the rest of the night.

Hopefully it turns on in the morning because I have studying to do :-(

Edit: It seems to be working, except for the "C" key which I have to press really hard to make work. It is enough that I will be able to study today and tomorrow I will stop in to see those nice guys in the laptop support office (my fourth visit, and third time having it sent off for physical repair, but the other two weren't really my fault).


  1. This story makes me suddenly glad to be childless (and have a urine-free laptop). It's a good thing kids do cute things as well.

  2. Are you going to tell the repair guys what type of moisture?

  3. SD - I am pretty sure they secrete some pheromone that creates some sort of softening in their parents' brain to protect them from retaliation for things like this. Of course it was unintentional on his part... he's just not good with holding it at night. :-(

    Winston, should I?

  4. Probably not, if you can get away with it. But if it's going to reek of urine, then you're better off telling them in advance

  5. You could probably plug in an external keyboard, if things come to that.

  6. Lael, the way things are set up is that the school technically owns my laptop until I graduate so they fix everything that happens to it until then. I have no problem having things fixed on campus :-D They've been quite nice about it.

    Luckily, except for some keys sticking because there were bits of rice lodged under them, everything seems to be okay today!