Sunday, November 27, 2011

Must NOT make zombie jokes!

While January is our big neuroanatomy month, tomorrow the skull cap is going to come off. It will be a first for a lot of students; although, at least one of the med students did neurology research so it'll be no big thing for him.

To be honest, I'm not expecting particularly well preserved cranial contents because of the cause of death. Hopefully it won't be all liquified since it will make studying it easier, but if it is that's why it is nice to have friends on other tables.

When my sister was doing gross anatomy there was one guy in her class who every time an instructor said brains would do a zombie impersonation under his breath. It was sort of funny for the first few times, but he kept it up the whole class.

Tomorrow also starts the penultimate week of actual classes for the fall. After that we have a week with three exams (Monday, Wednesday, poorly time Canucks hockey game that I'm still excited about, Friday) and then we're half way done with our didactic year, hooray!

We've had a lot of countdowns. First it was Molecules and Cells when we hit the first test and we were a third of the way through, then it was two thirds of the way, and the we were done with Molecules and Cells (and we were happy!). Then Normal Body started and it was all about making it through October (did you notice the huge drop in blog entries in October? ha, it was sad), then we were focused on the second gross anatomy exam, and now it is two weeks of new material and studying up for our cumulative (yuck!) physiology and microanatomy exam. Chopping it up into smaller sections makes it easier to deal with since it is quite a lot to deal with, which is possibly why the cumulative final seems particularly unappealing but we'll make it through.

Edit: Can I mention that the temperature is in the seventies still? It is so strange for it to be the end of November and I'm still walking around in short sleeves! Atlanta is supposed to get a dusting of snow this week while we might drop down into the fifties.

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